• IMA ACTIVE – Product handling systems (Βins, Bin Mixers, Bin Blenders, Transfer systems)
  • ZANCHETTA Granulation – High Shear Mixers, Fluid Bed Dryers, Μύλοι)
  • ZANASI – Capsule filling machines
  • GS Coating – Coating systems with film or sugar solutions . Pan can be solid or perforated
  • PRESICA – Checkweigher 100 % for capsules and tablets
  • ATLANTIS – Washing machines for Bins, st. steel items and machinery
  • IMA LIFE – Liquid filling machines, Ampoule filling closing systems, prefilled syringes (Aseptic, injectables, syrups, Cyto, Cosmetics)
    Powder filling closing machines for vials (Aseptic)
  • IMA EDWARDS – Lyo, Freeze dryers
  • IMA SAFE -BLISTER – BLISTER machines for tablets and capsules in PVC-ALU/PVDC-ALU/PP/ALU/ALU-ALU
  • CARTONER – Cartoning machines, Horizontal and Vertical
  • COMADIS – Tube filling-closing machines
  • IMA BFB End of line machinery (Case packing, tray packing, bandling , palletizers)
  • SWIFTPACK – Counting systems for capsules and tablets in vials

  • Horizontal packaging machines – Flow pack
  • Vertical packaging machines – FFS bagging
  • Weighing and dosing solutions
  • End of line solutions
  • Turn key solutions

  • Fitzmill
  • Extruders
  • Compactors
  • Roller compactors

Peristaltic Pumps and complete Dispensing systems

  • Punches and Dies for Tabletting machines
  • Equipment for  cleaning and maintenance

  • Liquid and Solid Mixers (V mixers, Bi-Conical, Barrel Mixer, Agitators etc)
  • Plaw mixer for pasty products
  • Homogenizers
  • Extruders
  • Sieves

  • St.Steel items and furniture
  • Laboratory machinery

  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Study and design of Pharmaceutical Factories

  • Metal Detectors
  • Check Weighers

Automatic Pallet Wrapping machines

  • (WFI ) Water for injection and purified water systems
  • Tanks for mixing and storage of Liquids
  • Filling systems of liquids  in plastic bags

  • Steam sterilizing autoclaves
  • Static air Depirogenation
  • Washing sterilizing drying machines for pharma closures
  • Washing booths
  • Air-Steam mixture sterilization autoclaves
  • Horizontal  Autoclaves for Laboratory
  • Drying Ovens for Granules
  • Ethylene Oxide sterilization Autoclaves

  • Professional and individual solutions for the tabletting and capsule filling process
  • Automatic testing systems for tablet weight, hardness, thickness, diameter, ?checkmaster?
  • Disintegration tester
  • Friability testers

  • Solid Dosage Line (Tablet/Capsule/Granule)
  • Mixing – Granulating – Drying – Sizing – Final Mixing Machines
  • High shear mixers granulators, Fluid Bed Granulator Driers, Powder mixers and kneaders, mills etc.
  • Cream/Ointment Line (Mentholatum Ointment)
  • Melting – Mixing – Filtering – Gilling – Cooling


  • Semiautomatic and Automatic DE-BLISTERING machines
  • Blister Deviders
  • Manual blister coding systems

  • Complete Track & Trace solutions
  • Inspection machines for TABLETS and CAPSULES
  • Inspection machines for AMPOULES, VIALS, BOTTLES
  • Bar code readers
  • Cameras for blister filling control, packaging material printing
  • Control of packaging integrity

Nozzles for all kind of applications such as coating, spray drying, combustion, Nox reduction, gluing e.t.c (food, pharma, chemical industry)

Filling and Capping systems for liquid products.

Pallet Changers

Isolators and weighing booths

Second hand machinery

Sachet machines

Tablet dedusters

Powder filling / weighing / container handling & bag filling solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage industries.